Specializes in spring and tropical floral designs for weddings and elopements.

I love nature and getting to work with it is a dream come true. Now let's chat about how to make your dream wedding come true with some beautiful flowers.



Owner and Designer

Hi I'm Katie! I live in Maui, Hawaii on the slopes of Haleakala in Olinda. With my background in Arts Management and Theatre Design I didn't think I would be putting down a paint brush and picking up flowers but now I can't imagine working without them! Studying the elements of design at the College of Charleston has provided me the visual eye to balancing color, shape, texture and composition. I am inspired by nature everyday and amazed with the colors, scents, and beauty all around this gorgeous island. Working with nature and being a part of a couples celebration of love is a dream come true. 

You can find me swimming in a waterfall, dancing in the kitchen as I burn dinner or stopping at least a dozen times on a hike to take pictures of flowers. 

Whether you know exactly what you want or can't even name a flower, I will make sure to capture the unique you in your flowers for your special day. 

Other fun facts!

I have a cat named Lulu she is the chattiest cat I know but also the sweetest.

I am a Sagittarius. 

I love dahlias, especially the locally grown ones right down the road from me!

I am from Syracuse, NY one of the snowiest cities in the country and now I live in one of the sunniest. 

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